Jenn in Korea.

This is all about my EPIK teaching adventures in Korea!

The Korea Bucket List

DSC_0044Scott and I have researched some cool things to do in Korea, and this is the bucket list we have come up with!

**Update:** We were able to accomplish almost all that we wanted to do. Some things were a bit too complicated to get to with public transportation or too expensive. I’m still pretty happy with the amount of things we were able to knock off this list!




  • Take a picture with Koreans, doing a peace sign ^^
  • Try eating something strange and different (moving octopus tentacle, chicken feet, raw egg, ….)
  • Go to a Cat/Dog Cafe (hoping to do this the week we leave)
  • Hike in Seoraksan National Park
  • Go to Jinhae to see the Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Learn to read hangul
  • Do a temple stay and drink tea with monks
  • Make Korean friends
  • See a Korean League soccer game
  • Use the workout equipment on a mountain or hike trail
  • Learn to order at a restuarant
  • Visit Haesindang (Penis) Park
  • Find girls trying to use egyo
  • Take Korean classes
  • SIt in a couples “sweet box” at the movie theatre
  • See a movie in 4-D
  • Get a Korean haircut
  • Witness the “yellow dust of the spring season and wear a surgical mask
  • Go to Hyundai beach in Busan among the other 1 million other visitors
  • Go to a noraebang (a singing room)
  • Buy something Hello Kitty



  • Go to Gangnam
  • Haeundae Sand Festival
  • See the N Seoul tower
  • Go to Lotte World
  • Go on a tour of the DeMiliterized Zone (DMZ)
  • Visit the Cheonggyecheon River
  • Shop at Namdaemun

Jeju Island

  • Go to Love land and take a picture with an erotic statue!
  • Hike on the volcano, Hallasan Mountain (kinda.. walked a little and took a bus to the top and back down)



  • Four Seasons of Mt Gaji Mt Gaji is the tallest mountain in Ulsan.
  • Ganjeolgot
  • Black Pebble Beach at Gangdong and Jujeon Seashore
  • Daewangam Songnim (Pine Forest)
  • Naewonam Valley of Mt Daeun- The tranquil valley is filled with pools of water and waterfalls next to large stones
  • The Night View of the Ulsan Industrial Complex from Mt Muryong
  • Bangudae- Bangudae refers to the turtle shape of the mountain
  • Eoksae (Reed) Plain of Mt Sinbul- Mt Sinbul is the second tallest mountain in Ulsan
  • Ulsan Sports Complex (Soccer stadium)
  • Jakgwaecheon- Formed by many years of water erosion, the river runs straight past a temple
  • Seonbawi (Standing Rock) and Simnidaebat (Bamboo Grove) of Taehwa River
  • Paraeso Waterfall- A fifteen meter waterfall with the reflection of the mountain in the pool below

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