Jenn in Korea.

This is all about my EPIK teaching adventures in Korea!

My apartment


For those of you curious about how I’ve been living the last 2 weeks… here it is.

IMG_0718                        IMG_0720

My apartment building has pretty good security, with a code panel to get into the building and then another one to get into my place. When you walk into my place, you walk right into the kitchen.  There is a small square of flooring lower than the rest of my apartment which is meant for your shoes. I never realized how inconvenient all my shoes were to take off until now.  Some places here you have to leave your shoes at the door before going inside.  This is usually just temples, specific restaurants and then people’s apartments.  Shops and most restaurants you leave them on.


Anyways… my kitchen is super small, just enough room for one person. I’m rarely even in my kitchen because eating out is much more common than preparing your own meals. It’s also much cheaper.  I splurged and bought spaghetti and pasta sauce, which I found at “Foreigner Mart” (no joke- that’s what it’s called).  I think the pasta was around  ₩2000/package and the sauce was around ₩5000/6000. I also have bread, which cost me  ₩25000 and peanut butter, which was ₩55000 for a tiny jar. Ohh the luxuries of home. It’s worth it. Other then that, its pretty much pointless to purchase items like fruit, unless you’re planning on eating a whole bunch of bananas within 48 hours.  They won’t last very long without the preservatives.

IMG_0741             IMG_0743

IMG_0752   IMG_0748

My bathroom is actually pretty nice.  I have grown fond of the “shower= the entire bathroom” idea.  It just means that when the floors are dirty, or the sink has some soap residue, I can fit is with one quick splash of the shower head.  Everything just floats down into the drain in the center of the floor.  It’s genius, really.



This is Scott’s washing machine, which has lovely English labels someone was thoughtful enough to leave on.  My washer however, has no English, therefore I push buttons and hope my clothes come out clean.  So far it’s worked.  Korean apartments are not equipped with dryers… which is something I’m still getting used to.  I pull out a large metal contraption that I hang my clothes from in the middle of my apartment… as if I need something to make my room feel even smaller.


And this is my attempt of a panorama of my place.  It distorts things a little, but you get the idea…



2 comments on “My apartment

  1. Paul
    March 17, 2014

    That apartment is actually bigger than my first Japanese one. The all in one washroom is so much fun! I think mine was pink but I don’t quite remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennwignall
      March 20, 2014

      Scott’s is all pink. It’s definitely not the most modern of bathrooms either.


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