Jenn in Korea.

This is all about my EPIK teaching adventures in Korea!

Ulsan (the Hamilton of Korea)

A little about Ulsan and where we’re living…
Ulsan is a seaside metropolitan city in the southeast of Korea with a population of 1.2 million. The city is known for its whaling heritage and more recently as the industrial heart of the country. I’m assuming its because Ulsan is a very industrial city that it isn’t listed in many tourist guides or “must sees”. However it does have twelve designated “scenic areas”, which we have yet to venture to. There is a nice beach very close to my apartment, which is just off the main street of shops and restaurants. Ulsan is an interesting place because everything is very spread out. By that I mean there are many different “downtown” areas. There is old downtown (Seongnam-dong), and new downtown (Samsan- dong), and a bunch of other “town” areas. Samsandong is home of the Lotte and Hyundai department stores and is a more pricy place to shop, with upscale restaurants and shops. Seongnam-dong is good for shopping at low prices and has a few foreigner- run bars. It takes us about 50 minutes to get to the downtown areas, because we are located on the peninsula of Ulsan in Dong-gu.

Scot”s apartment is right down the street from the shipping docks. From the main street you can see the cranes towering over the area. It’s actually is very Hamilton-esque. His apartment is bigger than mine and has a much bigger and less board-like bed. His bathroom is a lovely shade of pink. The sink. The bathtub (apparently this is a rare thing to have a bathtub, but Scott lucked out). The floor. The toilet. Everything… pink. Not to mention the lovely purple flowers plastered all over his walls.

On the flip side, my apartment is about 10 minutes from the beach in a residential area. Our apartments are about a 10 minute bus ride away from each other, which is a lot closer than we first thought. My place is tiny, but very homey. When you walk in, you’re immediately in the closet… I mean kitchen. There is a sliding glass door that separates the kitchen from the rest of the apartment. My bed is tiny and you can feel every god damn spring in that nightmare of a mattress. I have a t.v, bookshelves and a large wardrobe. All of which match and make the place look very modern (unlike someone’s apartment I know). My bathroom is open concept, so the bathroom, again, is the shower. I strategically bathe in a way to let the toilet escape the splashes of water. The T.P as well. The one pro about this situation is theres actually less maintenance needed. If the floor looks a little dusty… my next shower, its totally taken care of. The sink is getting dirty you say? No problem… my next shower, its clean! Genius.

For future reference in my posts, $1 Canadian= about ₩960 (korean won) as of March 9th 2014


1. Map of Ulsan
2. Bus route from my place to Scott’s.
3. My apartment from the outside
4. Mine and Scott’s first dinner together- chicken we bought off a street vendor for ₩6
5. Workers at the Hyundai plant getting off work (outside Scott’s apartment)

Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 11.57.26 AM        Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 11.56.12 AMIMG_0616         IMG_0633



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