Jenn in Korea.

This is all about my EPIK teaching adventures in Korea!

Jeonju cultural day

These pictures were taken at our cultural day in Jeonju. AKA, FIELD TRIP! We were taken to tour the Hanok (Korean traditional houses) village and shown different cultural activities. Scott’s favourite was definiely making the traditional Korean pencil cases. My favourite part was being yelled at by the women overseeing the craft. Apparently my arts and crafts skills are not at their level of satisfaction. She corrected my paper gluing on a few accounts.

DSC_6700              DSC_6696

We walked the streets in the village, looking at different shops and tiny restaurants and went into the Jeonju National Museum, which has traditional Korean houses and artwork inside. In our “free time”, we went walking and saw people eating this strange ice cream looking treat. So we hopped on the bandwagon and bought one to share. Later, we had a drumming lesson that seemed to last a million years. I don’t know what hurt more afterwards, my arms from drumming or my legs from being curled up sitting cross legged for an hour and a half. Poor Scott and his monstrous legs.

DSC_6735     DSC_6703

DSC_6710      DSC_6719


Even more pain came later in the day when we sat on the ground at a tiny table for eating lunch. We had Bipimbap, which is a lovely arrangement of vegetables and noodles in a bowl with a raw egg in the middle. You mix it all up, add some sauce or meat and you have yourself a flavourful little bowl of lunch! Jeonju is famous for its cuisine. Bibimbap is one of the most famous Korean dishes native to this region. Bibim means mixing and bap means rice. Served in the traditional brassware,it consists of rice with seasonal stir fried vegetables (carrot, bean sprout, radish, spinach, zucchini), seaweed, and hot pepper paste (gochujang).


We also walked up the treacherous hill of Ohmockdae (오목대), which is located near by Hanok Village. It is a small (but steep) hill with a traditional house on top.The best thing about this spot is the view of the city. We also watched Korean men and womenin the The Hansol Paper Museummaking paper (tre exciting, obviously). Reading over my accounts, I sound a bit negative about the whole experience, but it actually was a pretty cool insight into Korean culture.

DSC_6745         DSC_6774



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