Jenn in Korea.

This is all about my EPIK teaching adventures in Korea!

That’s all folks!

Well… we did it! One year in a foreign country and we’re still in one piece. Which almost didn’t happen thanks to multiple recurring events. Such as the McDonald’s and … Continue reading

February 20, 2015 · 4 Comments

마크 (pronounced Ma-keu) in Korea (Part 1)

About half way through our contract was the perfect time to have a visit from the one and only… MA-KEU! My dad made the 14 hour flight to the other … Continue reading

October 26, 2014 · 3 Comments

마크 (pronounced Ma-keu) in Seoul (Part 2)

Next was the long weekend in Seoul! I was really excited for this since Scott and I haven’t really seen Seoul yet. That afternoon we got lost getting to the … Continue reading

October 26, 2014 · 2 Comments

Jeju Loveland ♡

This stuff is way too much for Facebook to handle. Thankfully I can still share all my pictures on my blog.   Loveland is an outdoor sex-themed sculpture park, just … Continue reading

August 16, 2014 · Leave a comment

Jeju Island 제주도

Jeju is a volcanic island and is one of the nine provinces of Korea.  It’s located south of the mainland and is therefore warmer in climate than the rest of Korea. … Continue reading

August 16, 2014 · 3 Comments

The strange and random…

Korea is a strange place for a foreigner, and surprises are always jumping out at you. They come zooming around the corner like a MacDonald’s delivery motor bike going 100km/h … Continue reading

July 1, 2014 · 1 Comment

The movies

The movies are a little different in Korea- and way more fun. Choices of theatres. There are 3 different movie theatres; CGV, Megabox and Lotte.  If the movie you want to see … Continue reading

June 8, 2014 · 2 Comments

Haeundae Beach (부산)

Haeundae beach is one of the more famous destinations in Busan, on the southeast coast of Korea.  Tens of thousands of tourists travel here in the summer time- both from South … Continue reading

June 8, 2014 · 3 Comments


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